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Mobile fantasy for iOS, Android and web. Play real games of leading sport leagues, watch them online and win prizes!

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uTrener is the first daily fantasy sports app on Russian market. Create your own virtual team from players of real clubs, compete in matches of the most popular sport leagues, earn points and win prizes!

  • Top league games

    Top-5 most popular soccer, hockey, basketball, cricket leagues — and more! Most interesting and fresh games only!

  • Based on real data

    Virtual players’ performance depends on what their real prototypes do in real-life games. We use the most recent match data.

  • Games on air

    Every effective action of your team can be immediately seen online.

  • Easy-to-use

    We stepped out of the way to make user experience easy even for novice players.


We integrate DFS functionality into existing sports-related apps. Rich SDK makes embedding DFS into any kind of app a breeze.

  • Quickly integrates into existing apps, almost without any code changes.
  • Main logic performs on uTrener servers, causing low infrastructure costs.
  • We use only fast, native code for every platform.
  • Rich customization options to completely change app look’n’feel.

About fantasy

What is DFS?

It’s a game where you create a virtual lineup from real players. Then, you compete in popular league’s games, scoring points for every effective action of your team members. Every user can make a lineup from any player who played in a real match of the chosen league. Like for real games, you can watch all matches of the game online. Players who score more points, split the prize fund of the game.

What’s the source of game data?

We stream the most up-to-date game and player data in real-time, from well-known commercial sports data providers.

Is fantasy sports considered gambling?

Fantasy sports is a game of skill, because your chances to win depend on sports knowledge.

Is it possible to win real money?

Yes, you can play both for real money and for in-game bonuses. In case of real money, you can withdraw all your winnings at any moment.

I have another question or problem…

We have useful in-app help system, where, instead of reading long manuals, you can always ask our live support specialist about anything, and promptly get an answer or a fix for your problem.


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